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  • Sony is laying off 900 employees and shuttering its London studio

Sony is laying off 900 employees and shuttering its London studio

The layoffs will also impact teams at Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Guerrilla, and Firesprite.

Street Fighter 6 Battle Change List February 27, 2024 patch notes

Jamie and Ryu were the recipients of a few buffs while Luke, Ken, and JP ate the brunt of nerfs in the Ed build of Street Fighter 6.

Hit roguelike deckbuilder makes a million dollars in just eight hours

The appetite for both roguelike games, like Vampire Survivors or Rogue Legacy, and deckbuilders, like Slay the Spire and Inscryption, never seems to disappear. When both of these genres are…

The best League of Legends Worlds song gets a new, “authentic” redo

Let me open this article by putting my cards on the table: Rise is the best League of Legends Worlds song, and if you disagree, sorry, you’re just wrong. It’s…

Hits like Helldivers 2 are live service exceptions, CliffyB explains

Cliff Bleszinski has been around the block. Cutting his teeth on Jazz Jackrabbit and Unreal, he would then go on to spearhead the initial Gears of War trilogy. Since then,…

This AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D deal even includes a free motherboard

If you’re looking to build the fastest gaming system possible on a tight budget, then this limited AMD CPU deal is for you. Not only does it bag you a…

Best Warzone guns – the top weapons in Urzikstan

What are the best guns in Warzone? Warzone has evolved several times over the past few years, swapping out the maps, weapons, and gameplay mechanics depending on the latest Call…

With No Rest for the Wicked, Moon Studios Is Moving From Its Mario to Its Zelda – IGN First

The creators of No Rest for the Wicked reveal how they've navigated the journey from making the Ori series of Metroidvanias to tackling a Souls-influenced action RPG.

Horizon Forbidden West Roars To Life With A New Collectible Statue

Horizon Forbidden West builds on the excellent robot enemy designs of its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn, and if you're looking to bring some of that mechanical detail to your desktop,…

Arcade1Up’s X-Men ’97 Cabinet Is A Treasure Trove Of Classic Marvel Fighting games

Arcade1Up has announced a new cabinet, and for X-Men fans, this could be the piece of retro-but-modern gaming hardware to keep an eye on. In collaboration with Disney, the X-Men…