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  • Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Global: Dates, cost, habitats, and raid hours

Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Global: Dates, cost, habitats, and raid hours

Here's everything you need to know for when Pokemon GO Fest 2024 goes Global.

New Amazon MMORPG Throne and Liberty details open beta plans

FF14 Dawntrail is now out in full force. WoW The War Within is coming fast over the horizon. But landing right between the two genre titans, new Amazon MMORPG Throne…

FF14 payments won’t be broken for much longer

Square Enix is finally fixing the Final Fantasy 14 payment problem. Many long-time players can’t make Visa Debit card payments, leaving them without a subscription and unable to purchase items…

Evening Reading – July 12, 2024

It's nighttime in America, which means it is time for Shacknews Evening Reading.

Sci-fi RTS Aliens Dark Descent has never been cheaper than in new sale

For a film series ostensibly about lashings of sci-fi horror, it’s an oddity that the most enduringly popular entry is the action-filled 1986 sequel. Decades later it remains a fan…

Weekend PC Download Deals for July 12: Steam Summer Sale aftermath

The Steam Summer Sale has come to an end. Come see what's left.

Weekend Console Download Deals for July 12: Free Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope week

The latest collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft is free to play for the next few days.

Shack Chat: What was your favorite speedrun from Summer Games Done Quick 2024?

SGDQ 2024 has wrapped and it was packed full of some excellent speedruns. Here are our personal favorites!

AT&T hackers stole six months’ worth of text and call logs

The data breach affects nearly all AT&T customers.

Controversial space MMO Star Citizen goes free to play for a week

Every few months developer Roberts Space Industries likes to open the airlock doors a little to let new players in. Space can be very cold, so it’s nice to see…