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  • Destiny 2 ability tuning preview shows Well of Radiance & Ward of Dawn changes, Frost Armor, & more

Destiny 2 ability tuning preview shows Well of Radiance & Ward of Dawn changes, Frost Armor, & more

Well and Ward will now have more clearly defined rolls in the sandbox with The Final Shape and Grapple melee is being nerfed.

Upcoming Steam dungeon crawler gets free playtest with new character

With Dark and Darker set to arrive on the Epic Games Store but still absent from Steam, the PvPvE extraction dungeon crawler space has seen a few challengers spring up.…

ShackStream: The Stevetendo show! Episode 455

The City in the Sky awaits in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Stevetendo. Now all we have to do is find it.

NVIDIA (NVDA) projects 75% gross margin for FY 2025

In its coming fiscal year, NVIDIA is looking to rake in a handsome profit on its various products and services.

ShackStream: Embracing the Satsui No Hado with Akuma in Street Fighter 6

Akuma is finally live in Street Fighter 6 and we'll be playing him in a special ShackStream to see what this Raging Demon can do!

NVIDIA (NVDA) forecasts Q2 2025 revenue above analyst estimates

NVIDIA appears confident in how its business will perform in the upcoming quarter.

Experimenting with ESO’s story after ten years of adding new chapters

Keeping things fresh in a game like ESO must be an incredible challenge. Ten years after launch it’s still going strong, with new chapters regularly being released. The danger, however,…

NVIDIA (NVDA) announces a 10-to-1 stock split, increases dividend

NVIDIA's upcoming stock split will go into effect starting in the first week of June 2024.

NVIDIA (NVDA) Q1 2025 earnings results beat revenue & EPS expectations

NVIDIA's hot streak continues with another quarterly beat on revenue and EPS numbers.

Arrowhead Game Studios hires new CEO as Johan Pilestedt shifts to CCO role

Shams Jorjani will take over as CEO of the Helldivers 2 studio as Pilestedt focuses his full attention into working with the developers.